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Laugh Lines is not a book, it's a conversation

While reading the book, you will get the feeling that the author is in front of you, having a meaningful and intimate conversation with you.

If you are looking for an instant recipe for happiness when you are sad, stuck

or confused, you can treat this book as a ”Happiness Doctor”.  

Laugh Lines has the potential to significantly enhance:  


-          Your "Happiness Levels"

-          The meaning of your life

-          Your ultimate destiny

-          The way you look at life & business

-          The economy of your family, and

-          Your possibilities to become

            "Financially Free"

"......Because of my laughter, smiles and jolly nature,
she was feeling a sense of euphoria ........ "
"......I was impressed with her brilliance......." Those were some of the most beautiful moments ......
 *   *   *   *   *
 "..........I grabbed a piece of clothing with which I could tie my neck with the ceiling fan..........."

The author reveals all the sensitive, private and vulnerable moments of his life, which he never shared with anyone. Not even with his family.


The book is full of anecdotes, mysteries, incidents, challenges as well as victorious moments of his life.


Readers can draw their own takeaways, as the author sums up:

- the lessons that he learnt from those moments, 

how he met the challenges head-on, and

- how he managed to come out as a clear winner from those seemingly impossible situations. 

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Learn from the Author's costly mistakes,
rather than making your own.

The readers are going to get lots of inspiration from the costly mistakes, and blunders committed by the Author, and the wisdom he got from his hindsight.

You can save yourself from wasting your valuable Time, Money, Energy, Emotions and Efforts in reinventing the wheel when you can get to 

know the Author's strategies about managing similar situations in his life.  

Are you curious to know?

What happened at

11 am on a sunny day in 1999, when the author was called by his HR Manager?

What's so Magical about​

.....landscaped ....., green ...... touching the bare ...., the sensation of .....the cool ...... and the aroma  of ....... which made the defining moments?

What is D.O.S.E of Happiness
.... which is recommended as an 
antidote to all the challenges?

What did the Author do

......when he was faced with $3.3 Million Loss?

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You are going to find all the answers in Laugh Lines
His life is an open book, "literally", and the name of the book is "Laugh Lines". You are invited to grab a copy before his .... reprimand him for sharing those intimate details of their lives and orders him to withdraw the book from Amazon :)


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