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CK Arora
Keynote Speaker | Author | Happiness Coach

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The Challenges that I help resolve:

Being in Corporate life for the first 20 years of my career, leaving it at its peak as CTO for Shell India, I know professionals, and executives go through low moods, anger, jealousy, irritability, depression, fatigue, sadness, instability and lethargy.

The cause could be Work-related Challenges: Workload, Change in Technologies, Strict Targets, or

Personal Challenges e.g Hormonal changes, Health, Relationship issues, Emotional crisis, Spiritual or financial challenges.

My Keynotes, Speeches, Workshops and Coaching work 100% because I don't prescribe, I empower my clients to get new insights.


After my interaction, the Stress levels of my audience goes down whereas their Energy, Motivation, Productivity and Loyalty towards their Projects definitely goes up.


Who do I work with and what do I deliver?

I work with Professionals and Executives to reduce their Stress, Anxiety and Depression (SAD) and upgrade their Health, Enthusiasm, Laughter, Productivity & Success (HELPS) using the programs such as RISE, SHINE, LAUGH LINES, Happiness Blueprint, Happiness At Workplace (HAW) and 1-2-1 Coaching.


RISE, SHINE & 1-2-1 Coaching Models

RISE (Result Inspired Speech for Enterprises) involves 360-degree research and root cause analysis, targets to resolve the real issues over contractual time frame using my own Leadership model called HILARIOUS: Halo, Inspire, Laugh, Ace, Re-frame context, Instill responsibility, Outstanding action, Urgency in achievement, Success through follow-ups.


SHINE (Success & Harmony Inspired by Neverending Energy) is a series of Thought-Provoking interactive Sessions, Inspiring talks and Transformation oriented Keynotes.


My 1-2-1 Coaching for Executives/Managers are aimed at PG, BG & LD: Productivity Growth, Business Growth and Leadership Development involving Activities, Games, Smiles & Happiness.

Feedback received:

"CK makes people laugh. When he laughs, we are loopy, we go crazy, we go mad. During the session, people were holding the stomach laughing." Meinu Agarwal, Nokia India.

"CK, having walked the talk, has penned a beautiful, concise formula for courting success." Rajendran Dandapani, Director, Zoho Corporation.

"CK's courses are extremely useful because they allow you to introspect, self-repair and improve yourself. I highly recommend them." Ashok Kamal, Chairman at Orient Resins Ltd.

"CK is on a great mission to help people to live a better life." Vikas Jain, The Real Education

"Coach CK inspires me with his energy, passion and his brilliant ideas consistently. He is a living example of what he preaches." Bijay Gautam, CEO, WYN Studio.

"CK clearly laid down steps of how to heal oneself after the age of 30. It will help you master your life, fourth decade onwards." Anjali Gupta, CEO, Speaking Academy

“CK taps the subconscious mind of his clients to extract and navigate them towards the solutions." Rubina Ali Khan, Founder Hifi Network Hub (Singapore)

"CK shares amazing tips on how you can change your mindset and relaunch yourself, stronger than ever before." Philippa Mathewson, Director, Tranziam (UK)

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