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Happiness Blueprint

The World is currently facing calamity, sadness and distress, and in these tough time, people need a:


You are cordially invited to join me for a 10-Days Online Course starting with the live masterclass for 2 hours, followed by 7 days - 7 Happiness Activities delivered through Whatsapp, and another live session for Debrief, Celebrations and discussions about the next few steps in the happiness journey.

Topic: "The Science behind Happiness"

Date: 11th July 2021

Time: 7 pm to 9 pm IST (Indian Standard Time)

It’s not a one-way communication webinar but a very interactive session with lots of like-minded participants who are willing to learn and do whatever it takes to make this world a happier place.

Your session will be filled with a lot of interactive activities, stories, meditations and many more experiences. To be a part of this great experience, book your seat now and begin the journey of happiness. 

Please forward this link:

to all your friends, so that they too can take advantage of the session. This way, you will help us in spreading happiness and laughter all over the world.


In the times of the Pandemic, people need to learn to be happy and laugh more than ever before.

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How to attain Happiness?

"Happiness does not happen by accident, it is an immaculately planned project and well-researched scientific process."


"Happiness has different meanings to different people. Therefore Happiness has to be properly designed and customized for each and every individual".


"Happiness not a one-time activity. Just like any other project, happiness has to be configured properly for every stage and every area of life. It has to be consciously monitored and maintained to take care of changing circumstances." 

- Happiness Coach CK Arora

Lets' Kickstart the journey to our Lifelong Happiness on 8th June

We have shared this "Science behind Happiness" with over half a million people around the globe. Now it's your turn.

What do you need to bring along?

Each participant should bring along100% Dedication, Punctuality, Sincerity, A pair of Scissors, a few A4 size blank sheets, a Notebook and a Pen which will help you to record some of the powerful insights, ideas and breakthrough experiences. These notes will also act as important reference points for you to communicate with us in future programs. 

Participation Fee - no brainer :)

  1. Energy Exchange for 10 days of interaction is Rs 1,997 (it will come back to you many times over within 10 days)

  2. The most important contribution from you will be your intention to make this world a better place :)

  3. I can promise you that this would be the best investment of precious time. You will thank me profusely for it :)

  4. If you enjoy the program, please be prepared to share a 1 to 2 minutes Video testimonial, elaborating about your takeaways, key learnings, high points and the deepest gifts received by you during the session. 


The session will start exactly at 7 pm, I would request you to come 15 minutes early (login at 6:45 pm) so that you can enjoy the music and be with me spiritually, even though you may not be able to see me before 7 pm.

7 Days - 7 Happiness Activities and Worksheets

Unlike other times, where the high of the workshop fades after the session, we promise to take it to the next level. We do this by giving insightful daily activities and action right after the program.


This will make sure you don’t miss upon taking out most from the happiness journey we share together. Participating in the two-hour session is like planting a beautiful seed. Practising over the next 7 days will be like nurturing that seed so that your happiness plant can develop roots. 

2nd Live Session: Debrief, Q&A, Next Steps, Celebrations and Party Time


After the 7 days, 7 Happiness activities, we shall meet again live to take stock of the transformation as a result of this first phase of the Happiness Journey and transition you to the next phase. Needless, to say the Graduation Celebrations and Party Time is in store for fast action takers. 

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How to Register?

Please visit

In case you are lost or need help, please send me an email at

You may also send me a message through WhatsApp by clicking this link:


In order to ensure we get a confirmed seat, it's better to sit close to our laptop, a little bit earlier before the doors open, because we can take a maximum of 25 people only. The doors will be opened at 6:45 pm IST.

Looking forward to interacting as well as laughing with you and your friends during the event.

Best Regards

Happiness Coach CK Arora