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Digital Tools = Prosperity

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The Internet is the new GOLDMINE.  There's a Golden Opportunity to add value to society through nurturing & educating them. I can empower you to create your own digital school and digital empire so that you can feel abundance and magnify whatever goals you have to make this world a better place.

But first, you would need to have access to a set of digital tools: a Website, an eMail Management software, LMS, Live classes Software, Streaming Software, Integration Software, Payment Gateway, Webinar Software, Assignment Software, Certification Software and Customer Support Software.


Just a rough calculation: If you go and buy the subscription for accessing all these tools from separate vendors, you may have to shell out $2500 or more annually. All these tools are available at a much better price.

Presenting: New Zenler 

Online Business Product Suite

The components and tools which come as part of it:

- Email Automation (like getresponse)

- Marketing Funnels (like clickfunnels)

- Course Creation (like

- Community Creation Software (Mighty networks)

- for 300 participants

- Integration software tools (like Zapier)

- Your Websites(instead of hiring a team)


The platform offers you an integrated suite of 20 digital tools all clubbed into a seamless exchange between different online functionalities.

Create your FREE account using the link below:


Course Creation Tools

You can create unlimited courses with unlimited sections and unlimited lessons. The e-Learning platform is industry-standard SCORM COMPLIANT and is one of the best Learning Management System (LMS).

We also provide facilities for assignments and certification.

Marketing Tools


Marketing and Sales are often the biggest bottlenecks of every Teacher, Trainer, Mentor, Coach and Professor.

Acknowledging this fact, we have designed automated tools to magnify your efforts in marketing by providing the relevant tools such as automation, sales funnels and lead magnet facilities. 

Create your FREE account using the link below:


Email Management and autoresponder tools


These ready-made website templates will make your life easy. You no longer have to worry about outsourcing your website or hiring a team. You can do it yourself with ZERO programming knowledge. 

Drag and drop tools to create your website in a matter of minutes as opposed to hiring an expensive development team.

Create your FREE account using the link below:

This the best time-saving tool of the suite. We can pre-program what mails must be sent upon registration, a few days, hours and minutes before the start of the course to keep your customers engaged and remind them of what to bring along when they arrive in the online class or live class.

Web Page Designing tools


Community and Tribe Engagement Software

These days, social media is the essential backbone of every online business. Having an account on social media alone is not enough.

We must engage our paid subscribers so that they can learn as well as apply the knowledge received by them.

Live classes, webinars and Streaming Tools

As a part of the paid plan, you get FREE access to an inbuilt Zoom account  for 300 participants worth $400 per year.

Create your FREE account using the link below:

You can always upgrade to the paid version later if you need to use the Zoom online meetings feature.

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