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Happiness Retreat 

Why do we need to go for a Happiness retreat?

The Happiness Retreat differs from Holiday, which is simply a time away from the daily grind.

On the other hand (irrespective of the Destination), in CK's Happiness Retreat, one can choose to be on a Detox Diet, Weight Loss Regimen, Nature Loving Trip and Enriching Inner Soujourn, a safe environment to connect with your inner self.


Most people fully enjoy this opportunity to heal themselves from the Stress and Strains of everyday life.

Just to illustrate what kind of activities we do at the Retreat, we are providing below the details of our Ladakh Retreat.


We would be happy to create a detailed Itinerary for a Dream Destination of your choice.

IMG_20220729_123623 - Copy.jpg

4 Parts of Logistics for Happiness Retreat at Ladakh

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